Howard Stern Stirs up 'Live With Kelly and Ryan' Drama With Hot Take on Regis Philbin's Ousting

Howard Stern had Jimmy Kimmel on Monday's episode of his XM show and the two decided to bring up their issues with how Regis Philbin was treated in his departure from his talk show with Kelly Ripa, which now goes by Live with Kelly and Ryan. Philbin was jettisoned from the show back in 2011.

Bringing up the subject, Stern suggested that it's odd that Philbin doesn't ever appear on the series anymore and hasn't since his departure. He also mentioned how Philbin was the creator of the show in 1988 when it went by the name of Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. At the time, Kathie Lee Gifford was his co-host and held that position in 2001 before Ripa entered the picture.

Stern's co-host than responded that it seems they have abandoned him. To that, Kimmel asked if Stern even thinks Philbin wants to be on the show again. The Jimmy Kimmel Live host said he doesn't believe he wants to be a part of it anymore, to which Stern said to bring it up to Ripa when he appears on her talk show again.

“I’m sure that will go over big," Stern noted. "Kelly I don’t think likes Regis. That’s the thing. They have a war."

“I think it is true, and I think she would say that it’s true,” Stern responded after Kimmel countered saying he doesn't believe there is a feud. “They don’t talk or anything as far as I know. I thought it was an issue where Kelly felt that she should’ve been told by Regis that he was leaving the show.”

All three on the show mentioned how Philbin "didn't leave on his own accord."

“I think he would’ve liked to at least be associated in some way with the show and remind people that he’s the guy who started that whole thing," Stern said.


Upon Philbin's exit, Ripa anchored Live with Kelly from 2011-12 and then brought in former NFL player, Michael Straham, joined the show from 2012 to 2016. Eventually, she brought in Ryan Seacrest as her co-host. The two have held down the show since the American Idol host debuted on the show as a full-time participant in 2017.

Philbin hasn't done much since leaving the daytime series. The 88-year-old also debuted and hosted the hit reality show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? He also was involved with other shows like Million Dollar Password and America's Got Talent during its first season in 2006.