'Home Improvement' Star Zachery Ty Bryan Charged With 2 Felonies in Alleged Attack on Girlfriend

Zachery Ty Bryan is facing felony charges after the Home Improvement actor allegedly attacked his girlfriend late Friday night in Eugene, Oregon. The actor is being charged with strangulation and coercion, both of which are felonies, as well as six misdemeanors related to his alleged attack on his girlfriend of two years, reports TMZ.

Bryan's girlfriend reported to police that he woke her up in the middle of the night while screaming obscenities about missing cell phone chargers, dragging her out of her bed by her hair, and began to beat her, according to police documents obtained by the outlet. She told authorities that Bryan had become physically abusive to her over the last month, which reached a low point last Friday when he allegedly punched and slapped her several times in the head and face, choking her to the point where she thought she would suffocate, and putting his knee into the back of her head.

Police say that the woman was able to break free of her assault, dialing 911 before Bryan disconnected the line. When dispatchers called back, the woman says he was standing right next to her. When police arrived on the scene, the responding officer noted blood, swelling and bruising on the alleged victim. Bryan was reportedly evasive in talking about what had happened to her, accusing her of trying to ruin him because he was breaking up with her.

Bryan was booked into Lane County Jail for the night, but was released Saturday night on $8,500 cash bail, Lane County, pretrial services supervisor Brian Snaza told TMZ. Bryan has also been issued a no-contact order toward the alleged victim and is not allowed to contact her in any way, as is typical in domestic violence cases. Bryan is scheduled to appear in court Friday.


Bryan is best known for his role as Brad Taylor on Home Improvement, the oldest son of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, who was played by Tim Allen. The popular sitcom ran from 1991-1999 and also starred Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Randy Taylor, Patricia Richardson as Jill Taylor, and Richard Karn as Al Borland. Bryan has had smaller parts when acting since then, appearing in 2006’s The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and working as a producer.

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