'Home Improvement' Star Zachery Ty Bryan Arrested for Allegedly Strangling His Girlfriend

Actor Zachery Ty Bryan was arrested late on Friday night for allegedly strangling his girlfriend. [...]

Actor Zachery Ty Bryan was arrested late on Friday night for allegedly strangling his girlfriend. Bryan was picked up at an apartment complex in Eugene, Oregon, after neighbors called the police. According to a report by TMZ, Bryan remains in custody.

Bryan submitted to arrest willingly and was booked on three charges: strangulation, fourth-degree assault and interfering with making a report. He was taken to Lane County Jail, where he apparently remains. The 39-year-old is best-known for playing Brad Taylor on Home Improvement. So far, the identity of his alleged victim has not been revealed.

Neighbors reportedly called police when they heard Bryan and a woman in an argument that continued to escalate until the sound of a physical fight could be heard. According to police, the woman even tried to call 911 during the fight, but Bryan wrestled her phone away from her. Eventually, she was able to escape the apartment and run across the complex to hide at a friend's place.

Meanwhile, police found Bryan sitting outside of the apartment when they arrived. Witnesses said his relationship with the woman was romantic, but it is not clear how they are connected, nor whose apartment they were fighting in. The alleged victim told police that Bryan closed his hands around her throat and squeezed as if to strangle her.

To fans, Bryan is still best-known as Brad Michael Taylor, the eldest son of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor (Tim Allen) on Home Improvement. In real life, Bryan was 10 years old when he joined the show, and he made a slew of other popular TV appearances at the time, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars.

As an adult, Bryan continued to work on TV with roles on Cold Case, Burn Notice and the Marvel TV movie THOR: Hammer of the Gods. He worked in film as well — most notably with a 2006 appearance in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. However, Bryan's last credited work as an actor was in 2009, and his last credited work as a producer was in 2012. He has, however, been credited as "himself" on behind-the-scenes featurettes and for appearances on shows like Fox and Friends.

Bryan has not yet entered a plea on Friday's charges, and it is not clear if he has been offered bail. Neither he nor his Home Improvement co-stars have commented publicly on the arrest.