Hollywood Sign Changed to 'Hollyboob,' Julia Rose Arrested After Taking Credit

Several people were taken into custody on Monday for changing the famous Hollywood sign in Los [...]

Several people were taken into custody on Monday for changing the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles to read "Hollyboob" by putting giant "B" tarps over the "W" and "D" in the sign. The alterations were easily removed by park rangers. Model Julia Rose, who appeared on Are You The One? and was linked to YouTube star Jake Paul, took credit for it on Twitter.

At least six people are in custody, reports ABC7. Rose told police the stunt was an attempt to raise awareness for breast cancer, sources told TMZ. The outlet also published footage of Rose being taken away in handcuffs by authorities. Rose and other members of her team will be cited for trespassing once they are released.

Although Breast Cancer Awareness Month is during October, February is National Cancer Prevention Month. If Rose was intending to raise awareness of cancer, she did not mention it in her posts about the stunt. She shared a picture of herself on Twitter in front of the sign, with her tongue sticking out and flipping her middle fingers at the camera. She also wore a skimpy shirt with the name of her magazine, Shagmag, printed on it. "Guys... I finally fixed the Hollywood Sign," she wrote. Later, the 26-year-old retweeted a user who shared more photos of the sign change. "That's meeee," she wrote, adding emojis with their hands raised.

Rose gained fame when she and fellow influencer Lauren Summer flashed their bare breasts during Game 5 of the 2019 World Series. She dated Paul off-and-on until their split last year. Rose has continued trying to make the most out of her World Series fame by posting more and more risque images on Instagram. She was banned from the platform earlier this year. However, she continues to share photos on Twitter, which has much more relaxed requirements for photos.

In a July 2020 profile in the New York Post, Rose said she hoped her new magazine could rival and even "replace" Playboy. She even cast women to join her in a Beverly Hills mansion to create her own Playboy Mansion. "I grew up in a conservative family, going to church. I wasn't allowed to wear a bikini until my senior year in high school," the Texas native explained. "I am 100 percent walking around the house nude. I live it, thrive in my birthday suit."

Before she was known for pushing social media boundaries, Rose was on MTV's Are You The One? in 2016. Her experience on the show convinced her she could be a model. Her Instagram following grew in 2018 after she posted one racy picture, but she missed the cut with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and wasn't excited by Playboy. So, she co-founded her own magazine. "There was a void in the market. The men of my generation are in need of a platform covering their favorite things: sex, sports, dating, and boobs," Rose told the Post. She "wanted women to feel safe and empowered, and shoot sexy content. Instagram is too censored."