Henry Golding Offers 'Crazy Rich Asians 2' Update

Crazy Rich Asians stole the hearts of audiences after its premiere in 2018, and fans have been [...]

Crazy Rich Asians stole the hearts of audiences after its premiere in 2018, and fans have been waiting ever since to see its sequel. The film adapted from the bestselling novel that stars Henry Golding, Constance Wu, Gemma Chan, and Ken Jeong, tells the story of Rachel Chu as she sets off to Singapore to meet her boyfriend's family. But now fans want to know when the second film is set to hit theaters and during an interview on SiriusXM's STARS, Golding revealed it may be a while before that happens.

"No, trust me, I send it my monthly email of like, 'Hey guys, so where are we with the script?'" he said in response to being asked when Crazy Rich Asians 2 will premiere. "No, I bug Jon Chu once in a while, they're trying to write it," he continued. "They're trying to translate the two existing books into sort of a viewable script on the big screen. And of course we've got the pressure of outdoing the first one, so it's gonna take some time."

Golding and his castmates won fans over with their impeccable acting skills, but the film was also the first modern story to consist of an all-Asian cast, which is an angle so many people fell in love with as viewers have been yearning for more diversity on the big screen and in television shows. Golding will reprise his role as Nick Young and fans can't wait.

In the meantime, the 34-year-old landed himself a big role in Netflix's Persuasion, which tells the story of 27-year-old Anne Elliot who faces the return of her first love, Frederick Wentworth, now that her formerly wealthy family situation has drastically changed. Anne turned down Frederick's proposal after a family friend urged her not to due to last of prospects; however, after he made a fortune and is doing well, it's peaked her interest after falling on hard times.

Deadline made the announcement that Golding would be starring in the new romantic film, but despite getting a start in romantic comedies, he will not be playing the role of Frederick. Instead, he'll be playing the role of Mr. Eliot who is Anne's cousin who also happens to be a conniving rival for her affection. Although he's not playing Frederick, Golding said he had interest in this role as a way to play against type. Fans are eager to see him step into new territory when the film comes out on the streaming platform.