Heidi Klum Drops New Hint to Her Halloween Costume With Toothy Smile

Heidi Klum is hard at work on this year's Halloween costume, and fans now have a hint at what it is. On Friday, the model posted a clip showing her costume preparation, which apparently involves a shiny new grill on her teeth. Her followers chimed in with guesses about this year's outfit.

Klum is notorious for her intense Halloween costumes. For years, she has hosted a huge celebrity Halloween bash, where she goes all out with her own outfit. As the costumes have gotten more elaborate, the expectations have gotten higher, and these days Klum has people dying to know what she is going to do to top last year.

The latest hint was Friday's video. It showed Klum with half of her teeth coated in elaborate veneers. They made her teeth shiny and metallic, with small dents on each tooth, and they stretched all the way up her gums, out of sight behind her lips.

It was hard to judge the color of Klum's new teeth, as the video was shot in black and white. She also applied a confusing filter that added glitter to the corners of the frame, making it uncertain how shiny she is really supposed to be.

Either way, fans jumped into action, guessing what she was going for here. Guesses ranged from jokes to serious predictions, and fans pre-emptively argued about whether the costume would constitute cultural appropriation. Some thought she must be a rapper, while others thought that was too obvious.

"It's so obvious it's Joker from Suicide Squad," one fan wrote.

"Are you dressing up as an Alien from the movie Alien?" asked another.

The second guess there does line up with Klum's previous clue, which was that she will have "a very hard time walking" in this year's costume. She spoke to reporters from Entertainment Tonight this week, saying that she is going all out to try and "outdo" her previous costumes.

"I'm pressuring myself. It's not the outside world, it's really me. I want to outdo myself every year again," she said. "I'm going to have a very hard time walking, and it's going to take a really long time putting it together."

To make matters even harder, Klum will be wearing the costume for the first time when fans see her at this year's Halloween party. She explained that she never does a "dress rehearsal" for her costumes, because it is simply too hard to do twice.


"I never try it before [Halloween], all the different prothestics, because it cost a lot of money and to make these pieces takes hours," she revealed.

Fans will just have to wait for Klum's Halloween party to see the final product.