Heidi Klum Drives up Confusion Among Fans and Media With Multiple Halloween Costumes

Heidi Klum had fans confused this weekend as she attended Paris Hilton's Halloween party in costume. While the model was definitely dressed up, she was not in the high production value costume she has been teasing for weeks on social media. That, fans will see at her own Halloween party.

Klum has become notorious for her over-the-top Halloween costumes. For 20 years now, she has been hosting a huge celebrity party every Halloween, where she herself gets into costumes that would make some movie editors jealous. This year is no exception, but this weekend, some fans were confused to see Klum dressed up early.

Klum and her husband, Tom Kaulitz, were both clovered in glitter from head to toe on Friday, with matching green hair dye as well. Klum wore a sparkly dress matching her body glitter, while Kaulitz kept it simple in a jeans, a white tank top and a denim shirt.

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"FIREWORKS," Klum wrote alongside one post, suggesting that she and Kaulitz were supposed to be fireworks personified.

Many fans -- and even news outlets -- jumped the gun, thinking that this was Klum's big costume for the year. However, this was merely an appetizer, as Klum saves the big costume for her own party later this week.

Klum takes her Halloween costumes very seriously, especially as she strives each year to outdo the year before. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, she admitted that the pressure is higher than ever this year, since it is the 20th anniversary of her big party.

"I'm gonna do something very, very special," she said. "I'm trying to do something very special on that day, because it's 20 years already. I can't believe it! 20 years ago, I thought, 'There is no real cool party in New York City and someone has to do this.' And so I did."

Klum has been teasing this year's costume since August with cryptic social media posts. It should come as no surprise that she begins work so far in advance, given the elaborate costumes she has donned in the past. She told ET that she never even bothers trying on the costume ahead of time, since they can get so hard to get in and out of.

"I never try it before [Halloween], all the different prosthestics, because it cost a lot of money and to make these pieces takes hours," she revealed. "Sometimes I sit there for 10 to 12 hours. When I turned myself into a really old woman, it took like, 12 hours, so you don't really rehearse any of this stuff. You do it on the day and you hope that it works out. So far it always did, but you never know. Fingers and toes crossed!"

Although this is a big milestone, Klum said that her Halloween hosting days are far from over.


"Why not [do it another 20 years]? Why stop the fun when you get older?" she asked. "I think we should have more fun when we get older!"