Heather Locklear 'Violent' and 'Suicidal' Before Breakdown, Police Say

Heather Locklear was reportedly in a dark and possibly even suicidal place before she was taken to the hospital over the weekend.

The call that led first responders to Locklear's home warned of a "suicidal" and "violent" person, according to a report by PEOPLE. The Ventura County Fire Department took Locklear to Los Robles Hospital. In the department's incident report, it was noted that Locklear had a registered handgun and threatened to shoot officers with it during her last encounter with the law.

One of Locklear's family members called the authorities on Sunday after she threatened to take her life, TMZ first reported. Even in the 911 call, she was described as "agitated and violent." The Ventura County Sheriff's Office would not specify whether the call concerned Locklear when contacted by reporters, but she does live on the same block that the incident took place on.

Locklear and her representatives still have yet to comment on the sudden hospitalization. The Melrose Place star spent almost two months in rehab back after she was arrested over a domestic dispute in February. At the time, she and her family were optimistic about her long-term sobriety, though they were concerned when she immediately got back together with her long-time boyfriend Chris Heisser.

"Her family wants to see her focus on her health and sobriety and once that's in place, she can then start fresh with a new man," a source told Entertainment Tonight at the time. "Right now, Heather is sober and she is in therapy. She is taking it one day at a time."

Those close to Locklear felt that Heisser was a negative influence on her mindset and sobriety.

"Heather came out of rehab and went straight back into the arms of Chris Heisser," they said. "They are like oil and water, fighting nonstop."


In the spring, Locklear's family reportedly hoped that her work in therapy would lead her to break up with Heisser, but it doesn't look like that was the case. The embattled couple was seen together as recently as the last week of May, when they went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting together.

There's still no word on Locklear's current status. Under California state law, hospital staff has the right to hold her up to 72 hours if they feel she is a legitimate threat to herself or others.