Heather Locklear Reportedly Leaves Rehab to Celebrate Christmas

Heather Locklear is finally home for the holidays, even if its just temporary.

As PEOPLE reports, the Melrose Place alum left the rehab facility she has been staying at since she was placed on a mandatory psychiatric hold back in November. Apparently it is just for the holidays and she will return afterwards.

"Heather is out for a few days for the Christmas holidays," a source told the outlet. "She's keeping to herself and is spending time with her boyfriend Chris [Heisser]. ... Heather is doing well. She's smiling and happy to be out. She can only put her best face forward."

Locklear's exit from rehab comes as her daughter Ava is back in California following a Hawaiian getaway with her father, Bon Jovi member Richie Sambora. The 21-year-old will be spending the week with Sambora at his home, which is reportedly just 10 miles away from Locklear's home.

"Originally Ava was going to come back and Richie was staying a few more days, but since he wants to be around to help Ava, he came back as well," says the source. "Richie is a rock for [Ava]. Ava has gone to see Heather at at her home. There's a lot of love and support between all three of them."

Ava, Sambora and her other family are said to be fully supportive of her recovery and was hoping for the best.

"Her family wants her to be well," says the source. "Everybody is holding their breath that she will be okay."

Sambora assured PEOPLE of his support for his ex earlier this year.

"I will not waver on always being there for Heather getting her the best help possible," he said. "I am once again very proud of my daughter for her composure and strength during this very difficult time."

No word on when Locklear will be done with rehab. She also has several legal issue spending, stemming from her alleged assault of a police officer and an EMT earlier this year.


Photo Credit: Amanda Edwards/Discovery via Getty Images