Heather Locklear Reportedly 'Climbing the Walls' in Rehab

Heather Locklear is reportedly "climbing the walls" in rehab and has not stopped calling boyfriend Chris Heisser.

Locklear, 56, is now at a residential facility in California, two months after she was arrested for attacking police officers at her home. Sources told The Daily Mail that Locklear is still struggling and continues to call Hessier three times a day, sometimes screaming at home over the phone.

"He's just been annihilated with it – nothing's changed. It's just her calling him from rehab versus her house. She's climbing the walls in there," a friend of Hessier's told the Mail. "She's freaking out from not knowing what he's doing – going crazy in the place that she's at. Just going nuts."

The source said Hessier has visited Locklear, but she continues to call him "screaming."

"It's so unhealthy," the source said. "She's just screaming at him – the same thing she did before. Nothing's changed. She's going to get out and do the same thing."

According to the Mail, Locklear could leave the facility at any time, but her attorneys have advised her against doing so.

Hessier and Locklear have been in a troubled relationship, with a source calling it part of her pattern of behavior and the effects of drug abuse.

"All that stuff she's on – she takes everything. Adderall, Xanax and booze. She's taking pills but she doesn't give a f– – she's got an anger issue," the source said. "She cold-called [ex-boyfriend] Jack Wagner's house a couple of years ago. She terrorized [ex-husband] Ritchie [Sambora]. Her and [ex-husband] Tommy [Lee] used to slug it out."

Heisser's friend said he has not broken up with her because he thinks Locklear "needs her."

"Everything is going on business as normal with her. The only thing she can't get hold of in rehab is booze and she could check herself out any time," the source said. "The only reason she's staying in there is because she's listening to her attorneys and they've told her it's what she needs to do to avoid jail time."

Locklear went to rehab last month, after she was rushed to the hospital in June for a reported overdose call. That came a day after she was arrested for allegedly kicking a police officer who responded to a domestic disturbance call at her home. She was reportedly put on a psychiatric hold.

That incident came after her arrest in February for "misdemeanor battery on an officer" and "resisting or obstructing an officer." She then went to rehab for two months, and family thought she might be on the road to sobriety. She got back with Heisser, which raised red flags for her family, who believe he is a bad influence on her.

In February, Heisser was arrested for DUI hours after Locklear was arrested.

Locklear was also arrested in 2012 after a drug-fueled fight with ex-boyfriend Jack Wagner after he tried to return some of her belongings.


Locklear starred on Melrose Place, Spin City and Tyler Perry's Too Close to Home.

Photo credit: Amanda Edwards/Discovery via Getty Images