Rumored Harvey Weinstein Hollywood Sighting Freaks out Celebrities

After rumors circulated that Harvey Weinstein was in Los Angeles during the Golden Globes weekend, many celebrities were infuriated and panicked at the news.

Pulp Fiction actress and Weinstein accuser Rosanna Arquette shared a tweet calling it "very strange" that Weinstein was staying in the same Beverly Hills hotel as the one being used for Golden Globe Awards press. (Arquette's Twitter account is unverified, but the tweet linked up to a Facebook account in her name as well.)

"It is Very strange ,that Harvey Weinstein is at the very same hotel in Beverly Hills that the golden globe press is being done at. I smell a Rat," she wrote.

Actress Ellen Barkin later tweeted from her verified account wondering if Weinstein was in the area.

"Is serial rapist harvey weinstein in los angeles? on the wknd of the Golden Globes. Why? WHy? WHY?" she wrote, adding in a subsequent tweet that "I forgot to say 'alleged'...because i know better."

The rumors that Weinstein was in Los Angeles the very same weekend women planned on wearing all black to the Golden Globes in protest of sexual harassment enraged many, but Weinstein's rep argued that he was nowhere near L.A.

"This is false," his reps told Page Six.

Additionally, TMZ reports that Weinstein was not, in fact, in the area.

Instead, the news site published a photo of Weinstein on what they say was Thursday afternoon in Arizona. Weinstein was previously in Arizona at a sex addiction rehab clinic, but it's unclear if that's where he was in the photo from TMZ.

Weinstein has been accused of varying degrees of sexual misconduct, including several women who have alleged he raped them. His team has repeatedly denied he has ever raped anyone.


"Any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein," his team has repeated.