'Harry Potter' Star Timothy Spall Reveals Massive Weight Loss and Transformation

Harry Potter star Timothy Spall has revealed a massive weight loss transformation that is sure to surprise fans.

Spall — who played Mr. Turner in the fantasy film series — recently appeared on the British talk show Lorraine, and showed off his new look, which sees the actor slimmed down significantly.

"Now ages ago, you lost weight for a role and losing weight is real hard and you kept it off," host Lorraine Kelly said of Spall's new trim figure, then asking, "Did you completely change your lifestyle, did you just change it?"

"I did really. If I was going to write a diet book, it would be two pages. The first one is, food and booze is lovely and exercise his horrible," Spall replied. "Right, turn over the page: If you eat too much and drink too much, you put on weight. If you eat about the right amount, you don't. And that's it really!"

"There are anomalies where people find it harder, it's like if you have a car and have a bag round it, the more that spills out into the bag," the actor added, per the Daily Mail.

The Sun goes on to cite the actor as saying that the biggest change he's made is, "I don't eat rubbish now," and he reportedly has been on a two-year healthy eating and exercise regimen.

"I was a glutton. I loved food. I still do. But I didn't have a thing in my mind that told me when to stop eating," Spall previously said to MailOnline.

"There's something of a chunky gene in the Spall side of the family. I was always chubby, then I got fat…It took a lot of hard work but I did it and I'm proud I did it. I completely revolutionised the way I went about my health. I'm all the better for it. It changed my life," he added.

Notably, it has been about 23 years since Spall beat leukemia, after being diagnosed with the fatal illness in 1996 and being given only weeks to live. He cited his love of life after overcoming the frightening sickness as a possible reason for his initial weight gain.

"Perhaps eating was something to make me feel better. Who knows? I'm sure that my father becoming seriously ill when I was 14 had a lot to do with my going from chubby to fat," he explained.


Next up, Spall can be seen in the film The Corrupted, a thriller film that also stars Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games franchise) and Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey).