Harry Connick Jr.'s Wife Opens up About the 'Greatest Shock' of Her Life

Following the heartbreaking news that Harry Connick Jr.'s wife Jill Goodacre was fighting breast cancer, the talk show host is now interviewing his wife in a very emotional episode of his daytime series Harry.

In the daytime exlusive, Goodacre calls the diagnosis the "greatest shock" of her life.

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In a transition of clips, the 53-year-old mother of three says to her husband, "Remember when you said it was going to be fine? I said it's not fine."

Earlier this week, Connick Jr. said his life was turned upside down when Goodacre's diagnosis emerged from a routine mammogram that came back clear in October of 2012.

"They said, 'OK, looks good. Since you have dense breasts, just go across the hall for your sonogram," Goodacre told PEOPLE. But something was detected during the sonogram, and after a biopsy, Goodacre received the news that she had Stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma. Doctors said she would immediately undergo a lumpectomy and radiation.

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"I was scared I was going to lose her, absolutely," said Connick Jr., 50, whose mother died of ovarian cancer when he was 13. "I wasn't going to let her see that, but I was. I know from losing my mom that the worst can happen. She's my best friend, and I really don't know what I would do without her."

On Thursday's episode of Connick Jr.'s talk show, Harry, the couple will candidly discuss her journey and the day she was diagnosed in a heart-to-heart discussion.