Halsey Apologizes to Fans After Eating Disorder Photo Causes Uproar

Halsey has been one of the more straight-forward celebrities when it comes to opening up about past struggles and even current issues she is facing. She attempted to continue raising awareness, the latest being her experience with an eating disorder, but found herself in a bit of a sticky situation over a misstep in how she went about it.

One of the latest social media trends sees users asking celebrities to share a photo from a certain time in their life. The New Jersey-born musician was asked to share a moment from her lowest point, to which she decided to share an image of her younger self looking dangerously thin in a bathroom selfie. She captioned it with “TW: ED” to signify a trigger warning. However, that message is supposed to go before the post in question appears, not on it, which got her in trouble with her followers. Halsey eventually took the photo down and addressed the situation.

“I don’t need to be yelled at in the name of being educated right now,” Halsey began her response on Twitter. “I made an honest mistake because I was nervous to share one of the worst times of my life… my desire to be confident overshadowed my knowledge of how to share triggering content.” She went on to say she took the post down after “better judgment” and called out anyone who continues to share that image because they are doing exactly what they called her out for doing.

She continued with another tweet attempting to rectify the situation adding a “TW: ED” to her next message, which didn’t include an image but did see her discuss the issue. “I was very nervous to post it and didn’t think properly,” she conceded. “I had positive intentions. I would never want to harm someone who shares my struggle.” That’s when she said she was done for the night before logging off.

The “Without Me” singer has been very vocal in breaking various stigmas over mental health and took another step in doing so with her first published book, a collection of poems, “I Would Leave Me If I Could,” that gives readers even more insight into her life, including her bipolar disorder, as well as her complicated love life. The overarching theme of many of her stories centers around mental disorders as she becomes quite literally an open book for her fans throughout the 144 pages.