Gwen Stefani Spotted Keeping a Distance From Ex Gavin Rossdale While Watching Son Play Football

It seems that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are handling their co-parenting duties from a distance. The former couple were both in attendance of their son Kingston's football game over the weekend. However, as The Daily Mail points out, the two each chose seats that were far about as far apart from one another as the bleachers would allow.

The only thing that appeared to bridge the gap between the two was their five-year-old son, Apollo, who bounced back and forth between both of them throughout the matchup. Stefani was also in attendance with her longtime boyfriend, Blake Shelton.

The couple were married from 2002 until 2016 after Stefani filed for divorce in August of 2015 amid allegations he was cheating on her with their nanny. In addition to Kingston and Apollo, they have a third son together, Zuma.

Just over the weekend, Stefani returned to the stage for her "Just A Girl" residency in Las Vegas. The singer had previously canceled performances on a couple of occasions due to health reasons. She began the residency back in June of 2018.

Stefani has been dating Shelton since her divorce from Rossdale, and the new power-couple even performed a duet of "Nobody But You" at the Grammy Awards back in January. Before taking the stage, the former No Doubt frontwoman gushed about her relationship with Shelton.

"He saved my entire life," Stefani told Entertainment Tonight. "Everyone was like, 'How was your drive over?' It's like, 'Wonderful! I was with Blake Shelton.' He makes me laugh and smile and is just the greatest guy. Everybody says it. It's not just me."

Her sentiments about Shelton saving her life were echoed in December when she told the outlet that "We are just having the time of our lives and we never expected that this late in our lives, so we're just trying to savor every moment together."


Along with their duet at The Grammys, the couple made a video for their rendition of "Nobody But You," and even showed the world how much fun they had making it in a behind-the-scenes video that was released earlier this week. Despite their personal and professional rapport, Stefani said in January that it's unlikely the two will ever release a full album together.

"We have done a lot of music together, actually, considering we have only known each other a few years," Stefani told E! News. "We wrote two songs together, so that's a lot, 'cause he never does that. He's sharing his talent with me."