Green Day Singer Billie Joe Armstrong's Son Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Joey Armstrong, the son of Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong, has been accused of emotional abuse and sexual coercion by fellow musician Lydia Night. According to Radio X, Night detailed her accusations against Armstrong in an Instagram post that she published on July 20. Following the release of her post, Armstrong himself spoke out about the allegations.

On Instagram, Night, who is the frontwoman of the band The Regrettes, wrote that she wanted to speak out after Armstrong's band SWMRS released a statement in which they voiced their support for survivors of sexual abuse in the Southern California music scene. She called their statement "unbelievably hypocritical" in light of her allegations against the band's drummer, Armstrong. The musician claimed that Armstrong initially reached out to her on Instagram in May of 2017 when she was 16 and he was 22. She wrote that she was given the opportunity to tour with his band, SWMRS. Night went on to claim that the two then began a year-long relationship, which she was told to keep a secret from her parents. She alleged in her Instagram post that during their relationship, Armstrong pressured her to move faster sexually than she was ready to.

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"He was essentially my boss and it had nothing to fo with my feelings or what I was ready for," she wrote, in part. "Everytime we took a step sexually it was because he wanted to and made it clear by either putting my hand on his crotch, shaming me for saying I wasn't comfortable, gaslighting me or ignoring me when I didn't give consent." She continued, "It took me years to finally understand that I am a victim of abuse." Night wrote that she eventually confronted Armstrong this past December and that he seemed to take in what she was saying. She wrote that he did apologize and that he even wrote her a letter detailing his apology. But, she noted that his apology did not make any mention of "the abuse, my age, his position of power, or anything sexual at all."

On the official Instagram account for SWMRS, Armstrong responded to Night's allegations. "I want to address Lydia's Instagram post about our relationship. While I don't agree with some of the things she said about me, it's important she be allowed to say them and that she be supported for speaking out," he wrote. "I respect her immensely and full accept that I failed her as a partner. I was selfish and didn't treat her the way she deserves to have been treated both during our relationship and in the two years since we broke up. I have apologized to her privately and I hope she can forgive me, if and when she is ready to do so. I own my mistakes and will work hard to regain the trust that I lost."