'Good Girls' Star Christina Hendricks Finally Joins Instagram, Cheered on by 'Mad Men' Cast

Christina Hendricks is officially on Instagram!

The Mad Men and Good Girls actress made her grand debut on the social media platform Thursday with a simple selfie.

The actress posed while at The Ivy At the Shore, a restaurant in Santa Monica, California. She's accessorizing to the max, with purple-tinted sunglasses stealing the spotlight of the photo.

(Photo: Instagram / @actuallychristinahendricks)

"Hello world," Hendricks captioned the photo. "I'm here with a little help from my friends. Let's do this."

Speaking of those friends, many of them chimed in to leave welcoming comments to the star.

From her Mad Men days, Alison Brie (who played Trudy Vogel), January Jones (who played Betty Hofstadt) and Kiernan Shipka (who played Sally Draper) all cheered her on.

"So exciting," Jones wrote. "Peer pressure is an amazing thing."

Shipka added, "heyyyy girl," and Brie left a simple emoji.

Hendricks' Good Girls co-stars also left comments about the debut post, including Everleigh McDonell (who plays Jane Boland), Matthew Lillard (who plays Dean Boland) and Reno Wilson (who plays Stan Hill).

"Mama! Lol. Miss you for real though!" McDonell wrote.

Lillard wrote, "I diss-believe this."

Wilson added, "Ah s—!!!!!!!!! The whole squad is on!"

Aside from her continuing role on Good Girls, Hendricks is also poised to play a creepy doll named Gabby Gabby in the upcoming Pixar movie Toy Story 4. She recently dished on the role to Awards Daily, teasing that just how into it she got.


"She (Gabby Gabby) was so much fun. When I went in, they showed Gabby Gabby to me and they showed me her henchmen, the ventriloquist dolls. I said, 'You guys don't understand, I have ventriloquist dolls at home. This is like you did research on me,'" she said. "I was like, 'There is a creepy doll that I get to play and it's the best.' I have a baby doll voice so to use that and to make it creepy was fun. It was so much fun to play with the voice. To be a part of the Toy Story legacy is super exciting."

Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC