George Gray Health Update: 'The Price Is Right' Announcer Recovering From 3 Consecutive Heart Attacks

Days after it was reported that The Price is Right announcer George Gray suffered three heart attacks, there has been an update on his health. Gray's representative, Phil Viardo, spoke with Entertainment Tonight and revealed that the announcer was in stable condition following the scary situation. He also noted that Gray is talking again amidst his recovery.

Gray is reportedly recovering in an Arizona-based hospital after he suffered three heart attacks last week. According to Viardo, Gray's condition "seems to be improving." He also added that Gray "is lucky that he was already on the operating table when the big heart attack happened." His statement echoes a previous report from TMZ regarding the Price is Right announcer's medical emergencies. At the time, it was reported that Gray and his wife, Brittney Green, were supposed to be on vacation in Thailand, but their trip was canceled due to the coronavirus crisis. Gray even noted that he's not sure what would have happened if he had been in Thailand when he suffered from these heart attacks.

During his discussion with ET, Viardo further explained Gray's situation. He explained that if it wasn't for the health pandemic, "Things could have been a lot worse." He also shared that Gray and Green's vacation was set to take place in a somewhat remote location, meaning that the announcer's situation could have panned out much differently.

"George would love to thank all his friends and fans for the outpouring of love and support. He is looking forward to returning to the set of Price as soon as they come back from the pandemic hiatus," Viardo told ET. "For now he will remain in Arizona until he is healthy enough to return to his LA home where he will continue recovery and any necessary treatment."


It was originally reported on Saturday that Gray had suffered from three heart attacks last week. TMZ reported that Gray suffered from his first heart attack on Monday. The game show announcer reportedly experienced chest pains when he first got up on Monday and, after his wife called 911, he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. In the ambulance, he suffered from his first heart attack.

Gray was then taken to the hospital and put into surgery. Doctors attempted to place two separate stents in one of his arteries, but they both failed. He later suffered another heart attack as he was walking around the hospital, which led him to be placed into surgery again. While on the operating table, he suffered another massive heart attack, which led to surgeons performing a quadruple bypass on him. He was later taken to the Intensive Care Unit. But, based on this recent update from Viardo, it seems as though Gray is in a much more stable condition now following this serious ordeal.