Gene Simmons Has Strong Words for Kanye West Amid Kim Kardashian Divorce

Kanye West has been drawing major media attention due to his increasingly threatening behavior towards his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. KISS bassist and vocalist Gene Simmons weighed In on the situation, telling TMZ that while West was a talented rapper, his behavior was Indefensible. "For the record, he's a talented guy, there's no question about it," Simmons said. "He's out of his mind."

West has been open about his bipolar disorder in the past, and he has taken to going out with women who look suspiciously like his ex, most recently First State Behavioural Health COO Chaney Jones. Simmons explained that the situation was "serious" and that West needed to back off for a variety of reasons. "[Kim] is your wife, the mother of your children. It's not childish," Simmons said. "There's something clinically wrong with him, as he's admitted. It's a psychological problem. … Pete's a cool guy, takes the high road. Just ignore it."

Simmons encouraged West to find ways for fulfillment outside of fame. "You've got a roof over your head, you've got food in your tummy," Simmons said. "You can do whatever you want. Get a hobby — that's better. Leave him alone, move on. Love your kids, love the mother of your kids. Let her make her own decision. She's a grown-ass woman now, and she doesn't need your permission. Being like that publicly, getting a Kim lookalike — it's childish."

Simmons also encouraged Jones to distance herself from West. "And it's not fair to this girl who happens to resemble Kim," he added. "Good for you, resemble anybody or anything. But don't be a hand puppet to somebody who's playing some kind of game. He needs to back off. He's not a bad guy, but this is not even childish. … He admitted there's something clinically wrong."

Ultimately, Simmons believes that someone needs to take a stronger stance with West. "You know, at a certain point, if everybody misbehaves, a good b---- slap," Simmons suggested. He added that he hoped that West would react with "Oh, sorry, I didn't realize I was such an a------."