'Free Britney' Spears Commenters Overrun Sister Jamie Lynn's Latest Instagram Video

Britney Spears fans think she is being held in a mental facility against her will, and commenters have overrun her sister Jamie Lynn's latest Instagram video with "Free Britney" hashtags.

The movement emerged following a recent episode of the Britney's Gram podcast, which featured an anonymous person claiming to be a former member of Spears' team who claimed that she was forced into a metal health facility.

In Jamie Lynn's new video post she shared a video of her daughter playing baseball and wrote in the post's caption, "2 of our players collided on the first hit, our catcher hits knee with 2nd batter, foul ball slams into our 2nd baseman while she’s warming up, and that was just the first inning, but these girls still managed to get 2nd place overall this weekend. These tough little lady’s keep us on our toes, but always make us proud."

Fans of Jamie Lynn's big sister who are concerned for her well-being then descended upon the post and have showered it with comments about Spears.

Many have just posted the "Free Britney" hashtag, but some have shared messages pleading with Spears' younger sister to do something.

"Speak out about your sister please, if she's being held [against her] will please speak out and help," one fan wrote.

"You better get your sister out of the psyche ward right now #freebritney how dare you sit back," another user said.

"Jamie, I think you're so determined and reliable, please, if there's anything wrong with Britney's treatment, intervene! You can, you're strong and you're the great love of Britney's life, I trust you," someone else pleaded.


"If your father and Larry Rudolph are behind Britney being somewhere she doesn’t want to be, I truly hope someone around her is fighting for her rights. She’s not just an ATM for these people. And since I know you’re all religious people, may they all get what they deserve in this life, and the next," one other person commented.

Spears' representatives do not appear to have issued a statement on the "Free Britney" movement at this time.