Former 'Today Show' Anchor Matt Lauer Reportedly Banned From Al Roker's 40th Anniversary Celebration

Matt Lauer is not invited to help celebrate his former TODAY Show co-star Al Roker's landmark anniversary.

Roker marked his 40-year anniversary with NBC on Friday, Dec. 14, and according to a new report, Lauer is banned from attending the party to celebrate the big day, as well as all other NBC events after his firing from the network for a sexual harassment scandal.

"For a decade the show promoted Al and Matt as brothers, best, one big happy family," a source told Radar Online. "Now it's awkward that they cannot invite 'dad' back to the family celebrations."

Lauer was ousted by the network in November 2017, when a number of women came forward accusing him of sexual harassment in and outside of the workplace. At the time, several of his co-workers showed their sadness after the ousting, though it appears that more than a year later he is out of the family.

"There was discussion of Matt doing a video message [for Roker's special 40-year anniversary episode] but executive cut that idea down," the source told the publication. "The strategy is simple: to pretend Matt never existed."

After his firing, Lauer's 20-year marriage also ended, with his wife Annette Roque filing for divorce in early 2018. Despite his professional and personal downfall, the anchor is reportedly working to make his comeback.

"He wants to host an investigative talk show, and he's hoping HBO will give him a shot," a source told InTouch in late November, adding how Lauer's longtime friend Bryant Gumbel is reportedly trying his best to help him with the new project.

"But he's the first to admit that his pal has an uphill battle ahead of him," the source adds. "Matt also knows he has to pay his dues. He’s pretty much begging for a second chance."

Lauer had previously told fans that he was confident he could one day return to work.

"I've been busy being a dad. But don't worry, I'll be back on TV," the former anchor reportedly said to fans back in August.

Lauer's first wife, Nancy Alspaugh, recently opened up to Entertainment Tonight about her belief that her ex-husband deserves a second chance.


"Matt has always been a support to his family and loved ones. He has done so much quietly to help others and to support important causes," she said. "He donated a tremendous amount to my autism charity, ACT Today.

"Many people don't know that through all his hard work, he has been able to give back and has made a difference in this world," Alspaugh added. "Matt never did this for the thanks and would like nothing more than to continue to give back to society."