Former 'Today Show' Alum Speaks out 'Rooting' for Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams' fans are rooting for her to make a mega comeback. One of those people is fellow daytime talk show host, Tamron Hall. Williams has been absent from her famous purple chair all season as she deals with personal health issues. Rumors about her mental and physical health have run rampant, and up until recently, she did not speak out directly. Comedian Sherri Shepherd is replacing Williams, with her new show premiering this fall. Now, Hall is showing her support for the queen of hot topics.

"Wendy is another mom. Another woman who created, executive produced and hosted her show," Hall said during her show. "Wendy and I are currently the only two Black women who created, executive produce and solo host daytime shows on right now."

The kudos come just days after Williams spoke with T.J. Holmes on Good Morning America for the first time publicly in a pre-recorded phone interview. Williams told Holmes that despite reports, she's in sound mind and her health is great, adding that she will return to work in a big way. 

"I'm very comfortable [with returning to work]. You know, my partners with the show, everybody's ready," Williams said. "Give me about three months. There are private things that I have to deal with and then I'll be ready to come back and be free and ready to do my thing."

Hall found Williams' chat with Holmes refreshing. "When I saw her interview with T.J., it took my breath away because there's been a lot of stories out there," Hall said. "It was powerful to hear Wendy in her own words talk about her health, which has been speculated in so many places. At the end of the day we are moms, we are women who are working, and she did something that so many others could not, which is stay on more than a decade of that show." 

More than anything, Hall says she anticipates Williams' big reveal, whatever and whenever that is. "Wendy says that she needs about three months and she feels she will be back on TV," Hall added. "I know all of her co-hosts, her fans, like the Tam Fam, would root for me, are rooting for her."