'Ferris Bueller's Edie McClurg Allegedly Victimized by Man Who Tried to Marry Her Amid Dementia Battle

Actress Edie McClurg is living with dementia, and her conservator says that she has been seriously taken advantage of. According to a report by PEOPLE, McClurg's conservator Angelique Cabral filed paperwork in L.A. County Superior Court on Monday claiming that man named Michael L. Ramos had "finagle[d]" his way into McClurg's life, attempted to marry her, and had sexually assaulted one of her caregivers. She is seeking a protective order against this man.

Cabral worked with McClurg's lawyer to file paperwork on behalf of McClurg including a notice of an elder or dependent in need of protection. The protective order was reportedly granted until the hearing in this case, which is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 25. In the filings, Cabral said: "Mr. Ramos claims to be the conservatee's 'longtime friend' and was able to ingratiate himself into the conservatee's life while she was battling dementia."


Cabral continued that Ramos, "who is unemployed, was able to finagle his way into the conservatee's home even though he has never paid rent or any of the expenses. He later attempted to remove the conservatee from the state of CA in order to marry her when he knew she lacked capacity." She said that the court "prevented him from doing so," but that it hasn't gone far enough to protect McClurg or her caregivers. She wants the court to order Ramos to "immediately move out" of McClurg's home.

"The court allowed Mr. Ramos to remain in the conservatee's residence because it believed he would provide her with companionship and the conservatee did not object at the time. Mr Ramos and the conservatee have never been involved in a romantic relationship (they have separate living quarters) and caregivers are in the home 24/7," Cabral wrote. She wrote that one of McClurg's caregivers has accused Ramos of sexually assaulting her "on more than one occasion" while she was working in McClurg's home. A police report was filed in that case as well.

So far, lawyers for McClurg and Ramos have not offered any additional comments to the press as this story circulates publicly. McClurg is best known to many for playing the quippy high school administrator Grace in Ferris Beuller's Day Off. She has many other prominent credits, however, including roles in Carrie, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, The Little Mermaid and more.

McClurg is 77 years old. Few details on her personal life have been made publicly available before, so it's not clear how long she has been living with dementia. The actress has not commented on this story herself either.