Farrah Abraham Under Fire for Botox Video

Farrah Abraham has never been shy about the medical procedures she's done to keep her beauty up to par, but fans think she needs to slow down.

The Teen Mom OG cast member recently took to Instagram to share the above video of herself receive a Sculptra treatment. Sculptra is a face filler similar to Botox.

Abraham seemed thrilled to undergo the procedure, which was carried out by Melanie Speed of Flawless Aesthetics in Las Vegas. She was so positive about the experience that she openly promoted the business in the post's caption, citing how enjoyable and "quick" her experience was.

Teen Mom fans took to Instagram to deliver some harsh insults towards the controversial MTV personality. Looking past the meaner comments, some fans just thought the treatment was a bad decision.

"It's your body and money , so do whatever you want... butttttt I suggest you slow down," one Instagram user wrote. "It doesn't look natural and it honestly doesn't appear youthful."

Another added, "You don't need all this stuff. You were beautiful just the way you were on Teen Mom. Always thought you were very pretty!"

However, the feedback wasn't all negative. Some people complimented her looks and openess when it comes to procedures such as this one.


"[People] can say what they want but at least you're honest," one fan wrote. "You don't hide what you do. [If] Botox makes you feel better, go for it. Who cares?"