Fans Have a New Theory About When Kardashians Will Confirm Their Pregnancies

Since allegations dropped that not just Kim Kardashian, but also sisters Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were expecting babies, fans have been eagerly awaiting official confirmation from the KarJenner clan.

After months combing through Instagrams and reading into every Snapchat, people are getting tired of the "Are they or aren't they?" game.

We're almost halfway through the Keeping Up with the Kardashians season, and there's been no mention of Khloé and Kylie's pregnancies, but a new fan theory hypothesizes that the announcement is coming possibly this month.

The theory that the Kardashians would confirm their pregnancies in their epic annual Christmas card has been around for a while, but the format the holiday card is taking this year has fans convinced.

The Christmas card this year is being released piece by piece over the span of 25 days, Kim announced at the beginning of December, with each day featuring a member of the family.

So far, Kim has tweeted out the parts of the card featuring the kids of the family, Saint and North West and Reign Disick.

So could pregnant Kylie and Khloé be revealed on the last day of the month?

There's another piece of the puzzle that lends credence to this theory. Every year, Kris Jenner hosts a lavish Christmas gala which is heavily photographed. If Kylie and Khloé wanted to attend the ball this year, their pregnancies would have to already be public knowledge.

Kendall where u at ?

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Fans are pretty convinced by the theory, and are making their bets now.

If it's true, then we only have 20 more days until we'll know for sure!