'Euphoria' Star Chloe Cherry Charged Over Alleged Shoplifting

Euphoria star Chloe Cherry has been charged over alleged shoplifting. According to TMZ, the incident took place in Cherry's hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania in December. However, Cherry wasn't charged with misdemeanor retail theft until January.

According to insiders close to the case, Cherry was shopping at the Building Character retail complex on December 27. While there, she went into a dressing room with a $28 blouse that she intended to try on. When she left the store, the actress was still holding onto the blouse without paying for it. She reportedly used a credit card to pay for other items, but the blouse was left off. Eventually, police got involved and Cherry returned the blouse by giving it to an officer.

A representative for Cherry has since issued a statement on the situation. "In December, there was confusion over a blouse that wasn't properly charged to my client's credit card," the rep told TMZ. "In no way did she 'admit' to taking the blouse, since that was not the case. This story seems to be more about a local store trading on a celebrity's name more than anything else."

Cherry stars as Faye on Euphoria, but also has a career in the adult entertainment industry. In 2022, she spoke with Awards Radar about her role on the show, saying, "I thought it was interesting and a really intense experience in acting to portray someone like that, who's on drugs and stuff. I thought it seemed like a really interesting role to get into, so unlike me as well. She's so different from me. It was most challenging to express someone who just doesn't really give a fuck, because that's not me. It's definitely more her, someone who has a loud mouth and says whatever they're thinking."

The actress also opened up about how fans have reacted to her character. "I'm actually really surprised that the reaction has been so positive," she said. "When we were first shooting it, she wasn't exactly a protagonist. She wasn't everyone's favorite character. But people ended up really liking her in the end, and I think it's because she ended up being a very good friend to Fezco. That meant a lot to people. I was really surprised that people liked her, because I thought that people might find her gross at first, but I think people ended up finding her cute, which is good." Euphoria is set to return for Season 3 sometime in 2023.