Eugenio Derbez Undergoes 'Complicated' Surgery After Serious Accident

Famed Acapulco and CODA actor Eugenio Derbez is recovering after he underwent a "complicated" surgery. After informing fans in an Aug. 29 Instagram post that her husband underwent surgery for injuries he sustained in an undisclosed accident, Derbez's wife, Alessandra Rosaldo, shared a promising health update just a day later, assuring fans that Derbez is on the road to recovery.

In the post, translated from Spanish per The Hollywood Reporter, Rosaldo noted that "yesterday was a very long day with many emotions, but thanks to your countless expressions of love, messages, good wishes, blessings, prayers, and the light you sent us, the surgery was a success." She went on to thank the doctors, specialists and nurses for their care, as well as fans for the well wishes sent her husband's way, sharing that they "feel the love" and are "infinitely grateful." She added in a later message that her husband was sedated and not yet reading messages. In a more recent update, it was said that Berbez "is still recovering from surgery and is sedated at the moment."

Rosaldo shared on Aug. 29 that her husband, the star of CODA and Acapulco, would "have to undergo surgery," explaining that "the operation is very complicated, but it does not compromise his health." Rosaldo did not provide details on the accident that landed Derbez in the hospital, though she said "the injuries he suffered are delicate" and "the recovery process will be long and difficult since he will have to rest for several weeks and then undergo rehabilitation therapies."

"For us, it is very important to communicate to you all through our own voice the family situation that we are going through since we know how much love you all have for us. At this time, the priority is to focus on this process so that Eugenio can move forward, taking the time necessary to do so," she wrote. "Thank you for always being close to us. I know that with the good energy that you all will be sending us and with the favor of God, Eugenio will recover very soon."

Amid news of his hospitalization and subsequent surgery, fans have been quick to send Derbez well wishes for a speedy recovery. Commenting on the most recent update, one fan wished Derbez a happy birthday before adding, "get well soon!" Another person wrote, "I wish you a speedy recovery, God with you and once again, happy birthday."


The Latin American superstar is best known for his starring roles in Acapulco and CODA, the latter of which won an Academy Award in 2022. He also starred in Mexican sitcoms in the early 2000s before landing his breakout box office hit with the 2013 movie Instructions Not Included.