Ethan Suplee: Fans Can't Believe Their Eyes With 'My Name Is Earl' Star's Wild Transformation

Ethan Suplee's new look has inspired his very own podcast, which is proving a delight to fans. The actor, best known for his role of the dim-witted Randy Hickey on the NBC sitcom My Name is Earl, has undergone a radical transformation, dropping a significant amount of weight and replacing it with muscle. Along with some serious facial hair.

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This may be my favorite moment of the year in the gym, because it’s empty. 2020 goal: all the abs. What are yours?

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Along with his Instagram feed, the actor has started a new podcast, American Glutton, where he details his new regimen, as well as his lifelong struggles with his weight. In the first episode, People noted that Suplee revealed that his unhealthy eating habits began when he was as young as five years old.

"I learned really quickly that if I wanted a second helping of lasagna when I cleared my plate, I had to eat it in the kitchen without them seeing, that I was not supposed to have that second helping of lasagna." As a result, he says he "just started practicing sneaking food."

"I had this idea now that food was something that people didn't want me to have, so if I wanted to have more, I needed to do it privately, and it became something that I was withholding from people."

While fans have already been taken aback by his new slimmed-down look, they are equally taken with American Glutton. "It really hit home for me as someone who has battled with food my entire life," wrote one user. "I just started my journey, I've been with you since Boy Meets World as the fat kid," wrote another, while a third called it their "favorite find of 2020 so far."

At his heaviest, Suplee weighed 530 pounds, eventually slimming down to 220 at one point. However, after getting fit, it ended up having an effect on his job as an actor.

"People were like, 'Who are you? We don't know you. You're this new person,'" Suplee, revealed to Entertainment Tonight in 2017. "So a couple [of] years ago I made the decision: I'm not going to kill myself to be thin when nobody knows me as a thin person, and I do think it is affecting the kind of jobs I'm getting. And so I just kind of relaxed on my diet."


The first episode of Suplee's American Glutton podcast is available now.