Eminem's Daughter Hailie Scott Mathers Poses for New Selfie in Interesting Fashion Choice

Hailie Scott Mathers posed for a mirror selfie and fans are all about it. In the shot, she can be seen wearing a white, baggy shirt — to which she specified the comfortable looking item had pockets — with black and grey shorts, sporting some gold jewelry.

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(this shirt had pockets 🙌🏼)

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One fan wrote, "Thst (sic) shirt though," while someone else said, "[Oh my God] wow."

While her sense of fashion captivated her fans, what caught their attention even more was her calf muscle. "D—, calf muscles on fleek!" one fans said. Someone else wrote, "Clothing items with pockets are always the best! D— those calf muscles."

The 23-year-old frequently posts selfies in front of her mirror not only showing off her sense of fashion, but her different hair styles as well. One in particular, she showed fans her ripped abs as she sported some athletic gear.

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90% hard work, 10% lighting 🤷🏼‍♀️

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One fan said, "Dang chick is that natural or working out?"

"Gorgeous lady! How do you get those transverse abs?" another fan posted, while someone else asked her how she stays motivated by asking, "[Oh my God]! Please tell me how you stay so motivated to work out this hard?"

From time-to-time, Mathers shares her workout with fans, allowing them to witness her routine to gain a few tips on how they can work towards toning their physique. Some of her videos feature showing her doing "V-sithold with dumbbells overhead press" and others that show her doing a "crossover cable knee crunch."

As for her upper body, she uses five-pound weights, holding them near to the floor and reached upward horizontally. She called the move a "dumbbell back fly." She also performed a "weighted jackknife crunch" while laying on a yoga mat. She suggested to her fans that anyone who did choose to try our her routine to try and do three sets of 15 reps for each workout.

While she keeps busy with her workout schedule, she's also been consumed with traveling to festivals with her dad, Eminem. She recently tagged along while he performed at places like Bonnaroo and the Governors Ball. While her dad has made a legendary name for himself in the music industry, Mathers has made it clear that that's not the path she wants to go down. Instead, she graduated college with a degree in psychology and has high hopes of following that path.