Eminem's Daughter Hailie Mathers Reveals Surprising Detail About Herself in Latest Selfie

Eminem's daughter is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Instagram. Hailie Mathers has made herself a strong influencer on the social media platform, usually sharing fashion tips, workouts and much more with her followers. But her latest post gave fans a bit of inside info about herself on a personal level.

"[Yes], these glasses are prescription," Mathers captioned her latest selfie. "[No], i don't wear them as needed."

Fans were elated by the selfie and the look, giving Mathers plenty of compliments along the way.

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"Those are so cute I love them hallie!!!" one fan wrote.

"[Regardless] they embolden what is already present and glamorize it," another fan added. "Absolutely gorgeous!"

Others felt inspired to share how they too live with glasses and didn't follow the rules laid out by their eye doctor.

"If you was born without them you can live without them, right?" one fan questioned.

"Me Either, only when I need to read or drive at night," another fan admitted about their eyeglasses habits.

"Never wore mine, still have them [though]," a third revealed.

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And then you have plenty of folks who were just blown away by the entire ensemble.

"I honestly am dying to know where you get all of these cute outfits," a curious fan asked in the comments.

Mathers is no stranger to compliments it would seem. It is something she has worked hard to obtain, sharing grueling workouts on social media and getting people involved in the work she puts in.

She's also not afraid to talk about her relationship with her father. While she doesn't post about family or personal details on her Instagram, she has revealed that she is close to her father.


"Of course, we are very close," Mathers told The Daily Mail during an interview in the past.

Some fans question her relationship with Eminem on her posts, but it doesn't seem to affect the influencer too much. She's busy sharing pictures from Lollapalooza, her fashion, some sweet treats and some adorable dogs. It's a good life.