Elvis Presley's 'Personally Worn' Pants up for Sale at Auction Site With Starting Bid of $300

Everyone has to wear pants, including the King. A pair of pants that Elvis Presley allegedly wore is now up for auction, with a starting bid of $300. According to auction site Lelands, they hope at least one big Presley fan will shell out hundreds to own a piece of clothing the "Heartbreak Hotel" singer once wore.

According to Lelands, the pair of pants has no maker tag inside, but it does have "Name: E. Presley, MGM" stamped on an inside flap. It is not clear if the lot comes with a letter of authenticity, but the auction house says it was donated to the Salvation Army by Presley's father, Vernon. It comes with a letter typed and signed by Vernon, who died in 1979. "I, Vernon Presley, donate this pair of blue pants owned and worn by my son Elvis Presley," the letter reads. Even the auction site admits it is not the most exciting piece of memorabilia, noting, "Not exactly Blue Suede Shoes, but a classic item nonetheless."

Of course, plenty of other strange pieces of Presley memorabilia have hit the auction block in the decades since his death in 1977. Just last week, British fan Tom Unwin sold a lock of Presley's hair for £4,000 (about $5,314), reports the BBC. The hair was cut from Presley's head by hairdresser Homer Gilleland and was accompanied by a letter that claimed Gilleland collected Presley's hair after each time he gave him a haircut. After Gilleland retired, he started selling the locks of hair, the letter claims.

One place you likely will not see the "personally work" Presley pants or his lock of hair is on the set of Baz Luhrmann's upcoming biopic Elvis. In the new movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star Austin Butler plays the King of Rock 'n' Roll, with Tom Hanks as his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Olivia DeJonge stars as Presley's wife ex-wife Priscilla Presley, while singer Yola will play Sister Rosetta Tharpe, an early influence on Presley's work. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rufus Sewell were originally cast as Presley's parents, but Helen Thompson and David Wenham took over the parts after the coronavirus pandemic forced a production delay.


Filming resumed in Australia in late September. "We're back to, as Elvis liked to say, 'taking care of business!' It is a real privilege in this unprecedented global moment that Tom Hanks has been able to return to Australia to join Austin Butler and all of our extraordinary cast and crew to commence production on Elvis," Luhrmann said in a statement to Deadline. Warner Bros. scheduled the film's release for Nov. 5, 2021.