Ellen DeGeneres and Olivia Wilde Chop off Jason Sudeikis' Hair

Jason Sudeikis was in for a rude surprise on Monday when he got an impromptu haircut on The Ellen [...]

Jason Sudeikis was in for a rude surprise on Monday when he got an impromptu haircut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Sudeikis joined DeGeneres for an interview this week, and his fiancée, Olivia Wilde, crashed the show. The Saturday Night Live alum had uncharacteristically long hair when he arrived, and DeGeneres proposed trimming it on the air.

"We think it's long," DeGeneres said.

"Just a little long," added Wilde. "It's almost the same as my hair. There's only room for one of these in our house."

At their urging, Sudeikis followed the women over to a barber chair, where they teamed up for the first haircut either of them had ever given. Sudeikis confessed that he was nervous to be their test subject, however he was a good sport, trusting that Wilde would like how it turned out.

"Ellen, you knew I loved you before but this is really... wow," Wilde said. "It's perfect. I feel like we're really good at this! I think we should do this more often."

Sudeikis' haircut was not just fun and games, either, as DeGeneres revealed it would be autioned off for charity. This is not the first time grooming has served a good cause on the show. Back in February, DeGeneres convinced her guest Julian Edelman to shave his playoff beard for charity. The New England Patriots wide receiver sat in the same chair as Sudeikis.

In this case, Sudeikis' long main had no such sentimental purpose. The actor explained that he had begun growing his hair out for a movie that was supposed to be filmed last April, but had then been postponed. However, he said that there was "no specific reason" his character should have long hair.

"I've never had my hair this long in my life," he said. "I've just been letting it go, seeing what happens. Literally I was like, 'I'll just let it grow because I have nothing else to do.'"

In an October interview with Ellen, Sudeikis said that he did not think much about his increasingly long hair. He said that it was "more important that Olivia likes it," and at the time, she did.

"She likes when I do the man bun," Sudeikis said. "Every now and then she'll just walk across the room and take the [elastic] off her [hand] and just come up to me very closely and intimately and put a man bun on there and then just walk away and go, 'Mmm.' Which, that makes me feel very nice, what can I say. The rest of the time is me like, messing with it."

Sudeikis has three movies coming up according to his IMDb page, all in post-production. The biggest of them is The Angry Birds Movie 2, which is due in theaters on Aug. 16, 2019.