Elizabeth Hurley Fans Notice Something Concerning in Background of Her 'Kill Bill' Costume Photo

Elizabeth Hurley posted a photo of her Halloween costume this week, but fans were distracted by a confusing scene in the background. Hurley was out last Saturday as The Bride from Kill Bill, but there were lots of costumed characters at the bar where she was celebrating, and at least one of them was up to no good.

Hurley struck a triumphant pose in her yellow jumpsuit last weekend, mimicking the cover of Kill Bill Vol. 1. However, some fans felt that The Bride would have had something to say what was going on behind her in the second photo. Conspicuously beside her elbow, someone was grabbing the rear end of a woman dressed in a schoolgirl costume.

"Cheeky grab in the background," one person wrote.

"Who's the a— grabber in the background?" wondered another.

Some commenters read more into the photo than others, presuming the two people in the background did not know each other.

"Who has [seen] the old man hand copping a feel on the young one in the skirt?" someone wrote.

Others even suggested that the picture showed a potential crime, and should be investigated.

"No one noticing the sexual assault going on in the second photo?" someone asked.

So far, Hurley has not responded to the questions surrounding her Halloween photos. She did, however, pose again later in the week in yet another Kill Bill-theme costume. This time, she dressed as Nurse Elle Driver, originally played by Daryl Hannah, who wears an eye-patch with the red cross on it while trying to kill The Bride in Vol. 2.

Some fans found it ironic that Hurley caught the awkward encounter on camera while dressed as characters from Kill Bill — a series specifically about women taking revenge on exploitative men. However, others were willing to give the hand in the background the benefit of the doubt, assuming it was a moment between a couple caught on camera by accident.

Meanwhile, fans were still busy marveling at Hurley's looks in the photos, wondering if she simply does not age. The 54-year-old actress got plenty of compliments on her figure, as well as her commitment to the characters.


Hurley's next upcoming project is a romantic comedy called Then Came You, which is currently in post-production. It is written by Kathie Lee Gifford, who also stars alongside Craig Ferguson, Ford Kiernan and others. It follows a widow spreading her husband's ashes all around the world, visiting their favorite places from movies.

So far, the official release date for Then Came You has not been announced.