'Duck Dynasty' Sisters Sadie and Bella Robertson Look Identical in Rare Photos Together

Sadie Robertson took to Instagram to wish her sister Bella Robertson a happy 17th birthday and instead of keeping things generic, she rolled with 17 words that describes her sister in the sweetest of ways. Not only that, but the sisters — who are only a few years apart — look identical in most of the photos together!

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today’s one of my favs because one of my favs entered the world on this day. Little did she know she would become my 4ever best friend. The other day you asked me for a word that described you. SO many came to my mind that day, but you only asked for 1. So today that it’s your 17th bday *pause (YOU’RE 17 like what?!? I think you will always be 7 to me, but I’ll roll with this) I wanted to write you 17 things I have seen in you & describes you. 1 - trailblazer (you lead in the most refreshing way) 2 - friendly (you literally nicknamed our bus driver at Disney world when you were like 4. No one gets left out when you’re around) 3 - sister (yes you’re mine, but you’re everyone’s.) 4 - champion (you’re a champ and you champion others) 5 - supporter (you support me and everyone in the things God is doing in their life) 6 - creative (the way you see the world is incredible, but the way you express how you see it through your writing, pictures, and poems is a true inspiration.) 7 - inspirational. 8 - beautiful (it’s your name, but it’s also who you are and all that you do.) 9 - model (a role model and actually a straight up model) 10 - wild card (you never know what you’re going to get but you know it will be or become gold and lovable) 11 - listener (even if it’s till 4 am. You’re the best person to share a room with) 12 - advice giver (you gave me dating advice once on the back of a golf cart that was better than most books, and that was before you ever had a boyfriend. Lol) 13 - fun (your laugh is my favorite and your dance moves are unmatched) 14 - believer (in God, love, people, and yourself) 15 - cool (that’s why I steal your clothes and edits) 16 - loyal (as all get out. From day 1 till the end sista. The one i run to, FaceTime in life’s desperate moments like what are all the cool kids saying and how do i plunge my toilet) 17 - YOU! (You actually can’t say that about everyone. Not everyone shows the world who they really are, but you do. All of these things are so clearly seen when I think of you because of the way YOU show them. Stay confident. If this is you in 17 years I can’t wait to see you grow in it all and grow into more! love you 5 ever!!!!

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Fans couldn't help but to flood the comment section with an outpouring of love for each of the girls, with one writing, "This is the BEST thing ever! And all so true!! I love how you two love each other!"

Bella replied with, "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SADIE BABYYY !!! thank u angel."

Another fan commented on the sisters looking so much alike, posting "Ummm y'all could almost pass for twins!"

Robertson was recently proposed to by her fiancé Christian Huff and is now planning a wedding. Recently, the two took to social media to share a sweet kissing photo that had fans raving. The pair started dating sometime in 2018 and are already chatting about wedding plans and future kids.


Since Robertson came into the public eye when her family rose to fame on Duck Dynasty, she hasn't slowed down one bit. She competed on Dancing With the Stars in Season 19, tried acting in God's Not Dead 2 and I'm Not Ashamed, and now she's known for being a motivational speaker empowering her listeners to grow strength in their faith with God.