Driver Involved in Arnold Schwarzenegger Car Accident Speaks Out

One of the other drivers involved in Arnold Schwarzenegger's car accident on Friday has spoken out publicly. The pile-up included several cars, and Habiba Muminova was driving the sedan that Schwarzenegger's SUV was perched upon in many photos from the scene. She told reporters from TMZ that the experience became uncanny when she saw one of her favorite movie stars climb out of the car that had hit her.

Muminova said that her job is to transport patients to doctor's appointments when they don't have any other means of transportation. That's what she was doing on Friday afternoon at the time of the crash. She said that she was waiting at a red light and she saw the initial crash between Schwarzenegger's GMC Yukon and a red Toyota Prius. Moments later, she felt a harsh jolt as the SUV ran into her car and rolled up onto it at an angle.

Muminova said that in that first moment after the crash, she genuinely feared that she had broken her spine. Her body was reacting to the unfamiliar impact, and the experience became even more strange when she saw Schwarzenegger. She said that at first, she believed she was "hallucinating."

Because Schwarzenegger's car was on top of hers, Muminova said that she climbed out of her car through the passenger side window. By the time she got out, there were first responders on the scene to help her. She said that she was advised to find a ride to the hospital, but chose not to because of her responsibility to the client she had been transporting.

With a few days to assess the damager, Muminova said that she is now experiencing persistent pain in her back, and in her left shoulder. She said that she has a doctor's appointment this week to get a full assessment of the damage. She also noted that while her car is out of commission, she is essentially unable to do her job.


Muminova said that she has reached out to a lawyer for legal advice on how to handle this situation. However, she emphasized that she is still a big fan of Schwarzenegger, saying "God bless him." Law enforcement sources told TMZ that they believe Schwarzenegger was responsible for the crash, but he was not ticketed at the time and so far no official announcements have been made.