Dr. Phil Urges People to Stop Calling Him 'Daddy' on TikTok

Dr. Phil McGraw is now on a bizarre, unexpected crusade: get TikTok's young users to stop calling him "daddy." The daytime talk show host published a video pleading with his followers to stop calling him that. McGraw's posts on the social network, which is mostly used by an audience far younger than the target demographic for McGraw's show, have been inundated with people calling the 70-year-old "daddy."

"You have to stop commenting 'daddy' on my posts," McGraw said in the new clip. "I ain't ya daddy. I hate to break it to you, but I ain’t ya daddy. And your real daddy is probably getting his feelings hurt. I appreciate the support. It's a little weird. But I do appreciate the support." Of course, this did not stop anyone from calling him "Daddy" in response to the video, or "father," "papi" and "papa."

McGraw might have also drawn more interest in calling him "daddy" now that he has asked people to stop. His video made its way to Twitter, where more people found it hysterical that McGraw asked people to stop. "The Dr. Phil tik tok about calling him daddy is funny [as f—][oh my God]," one person tweeted. "Just gonna leave this here... do NOT call dr.phil daddy... just don’t," another wrote.

Technically, there are only two people who can get away with calling McGraw "father." He and his wife, Robin McGraw, are parents to two sons, writer Jay McGraw, 41, and musician Jordan McGraw, 34. Back in January, Jordan made headlines when the bizarre mansion he lived in went up for sale. McGraw bought the mansion in 2007, and when Jordan took over, he gave it a bizarre aesthetic that would make Tim Burton proud. Jordan listed the mansion for sale at $5.75 million.


Jordan made headlines again for less strange reasons in August. On Aug. 11, Jordan and his fiance, Morgan Stewart, announced they are expecting their first child together. They shared a video from their gender reveal party, where they learned their baby is a girl. Both McGraw and Robin were at the party. "It's official!!! We're having another grandbaby!!! It's a precious girl!!! We love you Jordan and Morgan," Robin wrote on Instagram. Stewart is the creative director of her sportswear line, Morgan Stewart Sport.