Donald Trump's Viral Tweet Celebrating A$AP Rocky's Release Has Fans Going Wild

President Donald Trump just announced A$AP Rocky is on his way back to the U.S., and Twitter quickly spread the news. The former reality star turned president took to Twitter Friday to announce the rapper had been released from prison.

"It was a Rocky Week, get home ASAP A$AP!" he wrote in his note on social media.

The message from the president quickly went viral, as social media users responded to the message en masse with reactions to his investment in getting the rapper out of jail.

(Photo: Twitter/Donald Trump)

"Using this many cheesy puns with A$AP Rocky's name is an embarrassment to the President of the United States who is trying so hard to be cool but sounds like an out of touch senile old man on Twitter," one user responded to the post.

"Now do something about the migrant babies kidnapped into your concentration camps," another user wrote.

"President Trump, even though i am not a filthy rich rapper singer would you help me?? Would you give me a loan that i could pay back, so i could pay off my bills?? Would you?? Or do you have to be a certain class of person to be a friend of yours??" Another user commented.

The news of Rocky's release comes after he spent more than a month in jail. He was released after the end of his assault trial. The rapper is allowed to leave the country for the first time since his July 3 arrest while he awaits the decision of the judge in the case.

The verdict is expected to arrive on Aug. 14, according to TIME Magazine.

The incident turned into an international situation after Trump told Sweden Prime Minister Stefan Löfven that he was "very disappointed" he refused his request to secure bail and help free the performer. However, Sweden does not have a bail system and the country's constitution forbids the prime minister from trying to intervene in a legal case.

Rocky was arrested July 3 after a fight broke out in Stockholm. He is asking for $14,700 in damages for his physical and psychological injuries and damage to his appearance.


Video of the altercation surfaced online at the time and showed the rapper and some members of his entourage hitting Mustafa Jafari, who was beaten and hit with a bottle. The rapper testified he acted in self-defense after pleading not guilty.

Prosecutors have asked that the rapper receive a sentence of at least six months in prison. The maximum sentence for assault in the country is two years.