Donald Trump Jr.'s 'Happy New Year' Meme Is Firing Up Twitter

The eldest son of President Donald Trump has managed to draw both ire and praise from the internet after posting a 'Happy New Year' meme. Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted an image of a nine-piece grid, each with the same photo of a person screaming. Each section was labeled as a year, starting in 2016 and going until 2024. With 2020 in the dead center, it had a red arrow with the words "You Are Here" on it.

It appears that the meme was intended to indicate that his father would win a second term in this year's presidential election, and for some reason proudly boasting that it would drive a significant number of people crazy. It also served as a veiled plug for his new book, Triggered, which was released earlier this year. And with this being the internet, people on opposing sides of the issue were quick to throw in their own two cents about the whole thing.

While the pro-Trump users mostly rallied around the idea, boasting him to run in 2024, when his father would have served his two-term limit (assuming he wins this fall, obviously). Those on the opposite end of things were quick to point out that Trump Jr. jumped on the bandwagon when the CBC had edited a broadcast of Home Alone 2 for time, which included a brief segment where Trump appeared as himself.

"Which one of those guys is screaming because a mean Canadian TV station edited his daddy out of a kids movie," asked historian Kevin Kruse. "There is something wrong with someone at their core when they get excited over upsetting someone," wrote another user. Still, a third mocked the president's son for never missing "a chance to be the most immature one in the room."

Over the summer, Trump Jr. found himself on hot water after he shared a tweet from right-wing personality Ali Alexander that claimed former Democratic candidate Kamala Harris was "half Indian and half Jamaican," and therefore didn't understand the plight of Black Americans. After retweeting the claim, Trump Jr. added "Is this true? Wow," before it was deleted several hours later.


In the wake of the outcry, Trump Jr.'s spokesperson, Andy Surabian, issued a statement on the matter.

"Don's tweet was simple him asking if it was true that Kamala Harris was half-Indian because it's not something that he had ever heard before, and once he saw that folks were misconstruing the intent of his tweet, he quickly deleted it."