Don Lemon Reportedly Irritated That His Name Wasn't Included in CNN Morning Show's Title

Don Lemon has some misgivings about his status at CNN. According to a recent report by Puck News, The CNN This Morning anchor was upset upon learning that his name would not be the only one under the show's title. Instead, he shares top billing with his co-hosts, Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow. In addition, Lemon, who had a stellar reputation as a solo performer on prime-time television, struggled to share the spotlight with Collins, who was still learning the ropes as an anchor. Following their Dec. 8 broadcast, Lemon allegedly "screamed" at Collins, scolding her for "interrupting" him. The confrontation left her "visibly upset" and staffers "shaken." Upon learning of Lemon's temper tantrum, Licht instructed a producer to send Don home for the day. It was preceded by an awkward segment in which the two anchors talked over each other, raising questions about whether there was behind-the-scenes drama. 

However, they were all smiles at the 16th annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute event with their co-anchor Poppy Harlow just a few days later. In addition to their smiling faces on the red carpet, they also made an effort to pose arm-in-arm, allowing viewers to see they were still on good terms with one another. As CNN tries to revitalize its brand and compete in the morning show market, some viewers wonder whether this lineup will last.  After accepting the This Morning job, Lemon confronted speculation that he would be "demoted" from his existing position on the prime-time news show. In part, viewers speculate that Lemon is not accustomed to morning show formats and styles, which is why there is a gulf between him and his co-hosts. Although they fear he isn't casual enough and conversational enough, he sometimes comes off as rude or dismissive as a result.

There is support for this kind of speculation in another Puck News report. According to inside sources, CNN journalists like Lemon are dissatisfied with the network's new direction, believing that it has reduced their status as national news journalists and even curtailed privileges like attending black tie events. Lemon also called out of work on Friday, Dec. 9, after his on-air spat with Collins, according to insiders. Collins, Harlow, and Lemon have not commented on the incident and have only praised their new positions. Sources familiar with the view inside Warner Bros. Discovery's President David Zaslav's inner circle told Puck News Lemon is thought to be responsible for the drama between him and his co-hosts as well as his other transgressions.