Dog the Bounty Hunter Tears up While Sharing Update on Wife Beth Chapman's Cancer Return

Dog the Bounty Hunter is emotional following the news that his wife's throat cancer has returned.

On Wednesday, just one day after Beth Chapman was rushed into emergency surgery, TMZ caught up with Dog as he was leaving Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills with his daughter, Lyssa, where he broke his silence on the news that Chapman is once again facing a battle with cancer.

"Please say a prayer," Dog requested. "She's not doing good."

"We really appreciate the prayers of the fans. We really appreciate the support of our fans. We're all so devastated. We love our mommy so much. Thank you guys for being here," Lyssa added when her father grew too emotional to speak. "We've got such an amazing outpour from our fans, and we just really appreciate it."

"Listen, we love you guys, too. Thank you so much," Dog said. "I wish she could have been here tonight."

Chapman, who previously battled throat cancer in 2017, had reportedly been feeling ill in the weeks leading up to her Tuesday emergency surgery, which was prompted after doctors discovered a "life-threatening blockage" in her throat. It was later announced that surgeons had discovered that her throat cancer had returned.

"They got most of the throat cancer out," Dog told reporters after news of her cancer broke. "Her airway is clear now, but the doctors are afraid that it has spread. They are doing a biopsy scan to check if it has spread."

"I told them I need to know right away and they're going to get me the results by tomorrow," the bounty hunter added. "Hopefully it hasn't spread. Last time it didn't spread at all, so we're hoping the same thing."

While Chapman's prognosis is currently unknown, she is scheduled to undergo a second biopsy as doctors "found something in her lung, which may also be cancerous."

Chapman was first diagnosed with Stage II throat cancer in September 2017 and underwent a 13-hour surgery to remove the cancerous mass in her throat later that month. Her battle was documented on a two-hour A&E special, Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives, during which she and Dog announced that she was cancer-free.


The family is now said to be "evaluating treatment options," with a prognosis said to be "too early to give," though it is believed to be "serious." Just as he had been in 2017, Dog plans to be by his wife's side every step of the way, telling reporters, "I love my honey so much."