'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Fans Send Support Amid News Beth Chapman Not Expected to Recover

The Chapman family reportedly got some bad news on Tuesday afternoon, and Dog the Bounty Hunter fans flooded the Internet with well-wishes.

Beth Chapman was hospitalized late on Saturday night, and put into a medically-induced coma. The reality star has been battling cancer for years now, and on Monday, sources told TMZ that she is not expected to recover this time around. As the news spread online, fans sent their support to the Chapman family on social media.

"My thoughts are with Beth and [Duane] at this time," one person tweeted. "Sending prayers."

"Such sad news," added another. "I hope she rallies... She's too young for this."

"God bless her and comfort to all her family," a third person wrote.

Other fans sent condolences, encouragement and simple messages of sadness to the Chapman family. The whole brood has been a staple of reality TV for years now, starting with Dog the Bounty Hunter and on through the family's other programs.

A source close to the family told reporters that Beth Chapman was flown from Hawaii to the mainland for her treatment. Much of the Chapman family lives on Hawaii, and accompanied her to the continental U.S. Chapman's young daughter left school to be by her side as well.

According to the insider, doctors say there is not much that can be done for Chapman at this point in the disease. Last November, it was discovered that her throat cancer had not only returned, but spread to her lungs. Now, she reportedly has stage 4 cancer in the lungs and cannot breathe unassisted.

The Chapman family is relying on doctors for help with medical decisions going forward. Meanwhile, they are leaning on fans for support and comfort — something the loyal fan base is always glad to provide.

(Photo: Twitter @DogBountyHunter)

"You all know how she is about HER NAILS!!" Duane "Dog" Chapman wrote alongside a photo of Beth's bandaged hand resting on a hospital bed. The levity gave hope to fans as well as as family, it is reportedly not enough.


Chapman beat throat cancer back in 2017 thanks to surgery, as fans saw on the A&E documentary Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives. However, it returned with a vengeance in the fall. Back in May, Chapman spoke at the Source Church in Bradenton, Florida, saying that "chemotherapy is not my bag" and implying she is no longer accepting it.

Check back for updates on Chapman's health.