‘Diff’rent Strokes’ Star Todd Bridges Accused of Threatening Ex With Crossbow, Taser

Diff'rent Strokes star Todd Bridges has been accused of threatening an ex-girlfriend with a taser and crossbow. Bridges later called the claims "very false," but was still hit with a restraining order.

On Wednesday, The Blast reported that Tiffany Wolf was granted her request for a restraining order against Bridges. He was ordered to stay 100 years away from her and her pets.

Wolf claimed she met Bridges on a dating site. During their second date, he "took out a taser and zapped it several times inches from my face," she claims.

Despite that alleged incident, she claims she saw Bridges again, even spending the night at his house. During that night, he allegedly showed her his crossbow and showed her a gun and bullets he kept under a pillow. Wolf claims Bridges said he "had beaten up homeless people trying to break into his house."

When they met again a few weeks later, Bridges pointed the crossbow at her, she claims. Two weeks later, he pulled his gun out when he heard her dog "because he thought someone was breaking in," Wolf claimed. She also said he told her he once shot a person and was not sure if they survived.

The two ended their relationship in May, but Bridges and a friend of his started harassing Wolf on Twitter, she said. This made Wolf nervous, and she broke out in shingles and uses anti-anxiety medication.

"I am in fear of my life because I know Todd is mentally unstable and has weapons, including a crossbow he says he has so he can 'sneak up on people' and a small loaded gun," Wolf wrote.

Bridges later took to Twitter to deny Wolf's claims.

"Very false trust me is it not funny how I file on one girl who is now buddys (sic) with that girl then she files. I Never would I do anything to anyone. It's all crap but it will be work out on the 28 of this month," Bridges wrote.

"Is it not funny that when you file a restraining order on one girl who is now friends with a different girl and then the other girl which you have not seen in 3 months files restraining order on you," he wrote in another message.

The week before Wolf was granted her restraining order against Bridges, Bridges was granted one against another ex-girlfriend, former adult film star Melissa Hill.

"This girl Melissa Hill is not telling the truth about anything it so sad when you have to break it off with a person who just wants to argue all a time so when," Bridges tweeted on July 8. "I break it off she wants to tell lies on me it's so sad that someone has to be this way."

According to The Blast, Bridges said Hill was harassing him after they broke up. A hearing in that case is scheduled for later this month.

Following Charlotte Rae's death earlier this month, the 51-year-old Bridges became the last surviving member of the main Diff'rent Strokes cast, notes USA Today.


After the show ended in 1986, Bridges had several run-ins with the law and struggled with drug abuse. He has been sober for more than two decades and wrote a memoir, Killing Willis, in which he admitted to thinking about committing suicide in the early '90s.

Photo credit: Bobby Bank/Getty Images