Derick Dillard Labeled 'Hypocrite' After 'Celebrating Women's Rights' in Post Dedicated to Wife Jill Duggar

Derick Dillard is being labeled a "hypocrite," after dedicating an Instagram post about "Celebrating Women's Righs" to wife Jill Duggar. In the post, Dillard shared a newspaper photo of Duggar with some of their local town leaders, and wrote in the caption, "Proud of my wife [Jill Duggard] celebrating women’s rights!" He then added hashtags for the "19th Amendment," "progress" and the 100th anniversary of "Women's Suffrage." Many users have since slammed Dillard for his post, criticizing him of not displaying support for equality in the past.

"Does this mean then, that she is standing up for womens rights even if it doesnt fall within your religious realm? Fighting for womens rights, means fighting for women to have a choice...which means that choice is not always going to be in line with your religion," one person replied. "I'm on board with the statement of fighting for womens rights, provided that means putting religious differences aside and accepting that its a womens right to make a choice."

"And yet all the women in her family are encouraged to be baby making home makers who do nothing but be cheerleaders for their husbands," one other person said. "Women don't need to be married or have babies you know. Do what you want, but it's a little odd the encouragement of gender stereotypes in that family."

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"This is laughable considering none of the Duggar women have college degrees and encouraged to suppress their own education to be stay at home baby makers for their husbands," someone else commented. "She doesn’t fight for women’s rights or equality. She puts us back a century."

While many have been upset about Dillard's post, others have defended him and shown their support.

"Beautiful. It’s wonderful that we live in a country that we are free to worship as we wish, stay home with our kids and have as many children as God blesses us with, despite the screaming Hyaenas in the wave of toxic femininity that want to shame the young women around them to do the exact opposite," one fan wrote.

"For all of those saying this a contradiction to her prolife beliefs, you are ridiculous. Prolife does not mean anti women’s rights it means anti murder of the unborn. Everyone who is Prolife is still for women’s education, right to vote, work, etc. Stop this ignorance already," another supporter added.


Neither Dillard nor Duggar appear to have replied to the comments.

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