Demi Rose Wows in 'Warrior Goddess' Sunset Pose in Ibiza

British Instagram model Demi Rose Mawby is continuing to light up social media with her jaw-dropping posts from Ibiza. Although Mawby was born in Birmingham, England, her most recent Instagram posts are filled with the sunny locale of the Balearic island. She moved to the island in 2020 amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and has been documenting her life there ever since, with her most recent post showing off some of Ibiza's most beautiful views as she paid tribute to a goddess.

In the post, snapped on Es Vedra, a small rocky island located near Ibiza, the 25-year-old donned a wrap-like top as she posed amid a stunning backdrop lit up by the setting sun. The serene ocean and rocky cliffs also highlighted the image. Mawby paired her top with a tie-dye skirt from PrettyLittleThing, the fashion brand she recently became an ambassador for. The bold skirt boasts orange tie-dye material as vibrant as the colors that were painting the sky behind Mawby. Mawby dedicated the post to Tanit, a warrior goddess.

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"Behind me is the third most magnetic field on Earth, after the North Pole and the Bermuda triangle," Mawby wrote. "Some say that there is a goddess called Tanit who is [a] protector of women and still watches over Ibiza. Tanit is a warrior goddess of dance, fertility, creation, and destruction and that her place of residence is the west coast, home of the sunset, in particular the area around Atlantis and the mystical Es Vedra."

The post heated up the comments section, with one fan writing that Mawby "could be the present-day goddess of Ibiza." While many went on to dub Mawby "beautiful" and "gorgeous," plenty of others had their breath taken away by the backdrop she posed against. One fan wrote, "beautiful scenery," another chiming in with "2 stunning views."


The massive response to her post came as little surprise given her following. Mawby currently boasts 15.8 million Instagram followers, a number she has amassed since being inspired to create her account after a fake account using her image drew an influx of followers several years ago. Since creating her account, Mawby has signed with a modeling agency, seen her career take off, and quickly become a social media influencer, though she has even more aspirations she hopes to add to her resume. Speaking with the Daily Mail in December 2020, the 25-year-old revealed she "would love to talk more on Instagram or create a documentary in the future." She also teased she would "like to go into skincare and start acting and video work."