Demi Rose Embraces Her Curves and Bare Bottom With 'Good View' Photo

Demi Rose Mawby has been going all out over the past few days with her Instagram posts as she has left little to the imagination. The British model and social media influencer has become one of the most popular personalities on the platform. Her latest upload certainly isn't going to change that as she embraced her curves and offered up and up close and personal look at her bare bottom, captioning the post, "Don't look back unless it's a good view." Within five hours the image had collected more than 317,000 likes and well over 2,500 comments. Mawby routinely has been getting around 500,000 likes on her posts and even surpassed 1.3 million on Jan. 29 as she bared it all while laying in the grass.

With more than 15.7 million followers on Instagram, Mawby has seen her star rapidly rise over the years as the 25-year-old aims at using her platform for more than just her modeling shots. In September, Mawby told The Evening Standard that she wants to use her experiences, which include the tragic memories of her mother and father both passing away at a young age. "I feel stronger both mentally and physically and if by opening up about my own mental wellbeing can even help one person feel better in themselves, then I have done what I intended to do so," she told the outlet. Having gone through so much trauma, she hopes she can use her growing podium to help others get through their own grief. "Being able to talk about grief is so important and not bottle it up," she explained. "That's why my message is so important to encourage people to talk."

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The past year also saw Mawby leave London to move to Ibiza. Her decision to make the move wasn't an easy one but was one that was triggered by the lockdown in her country. She admitted in that same interview that it was not good for her mental health and as she thought long and hard on many things, making a move was one idea that she felt was necessary. Once the lockdown was lifted and she could travel again, Mawby headed straight for Ibiza and hasn't looked back since. As her followers know, the Ibiza backdrop makes for the "perfect" setting and is now one of the best choices she has ever made.