Demi Rose Mawby Leaves Little to the Imagination in Blazing Sunbathing Photo

Demi Rose Mawby turned heads on Instagram with another post that pushed the boundaries of what the social media platform allows. The British model's latest photo from the Ibiza paradise she calls home showed her laying in a field of daisies in the nude. Mawby, 25, moved to Ibiza, an island off the eastern coast of Spain, during the coronavirus pandemic.

"My wish is to stay always like this. Living quietly in a corner of bliss," Mawby wrote on Thursday. She included two photos, one taken from afar, and another taken from above. After sharing the daisies post, she published another picture taken on Es Vedra, a small rocky island located near Ibiza. "Behind me is the third most magnetic field on Earth, after the North Pole and the Bermuda triangle," Mawby wrote. "Some say that there is a goddess called Tanit who is [a] protector of women and still watches over Ibiza. Tanit is a warrior goddess of dance, fertility, creation, and destruction and that her place of residence is the west coast, home of the sunset, in particular the area around Atlantis and the mystical Es Vedra."

Mawby is one of the most-followed British influencers on Instagram, with over 15.7 million users following her. She posts almost every day and her photos regularly rack up over 300,000 likes. Her daisies photo has over 938,000 likes in less than 12 hours since it was published. "My wish is to stay always like this. Living quietly in a corner of bliss," Mawby wrote with the photo.

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Life has not always been easy for Mawby, who was born in Birmingham, England. Both of her parents died in 2018. In December 2020, Mawby told The Daily Mail she was sexually assaulted on the London Underground when she was "really young" and on her way to a modeling shoot. She said the stranger "touched her boobs" during the encounter. Mawby stopped taking the subway afterward.

"I went on two tubes to get to my shoot location and I realized there was a man who had come next to me. After I was walking for a bit and I nearly reached my destination, he came over and said to me, 'How much?'" Mawby recalled. "I responded confused, 'How much what?' and he said, 'How much to touch your boobs?' I was shocked, I said, "Nothing, go away' and I literally had a jacket on, I wasn't glammed up and so I walked off." However, while she was on the phone, the man rushed up to her and touched her before running away. "It was strange, so I am very careful now," she told the Daily Mail.


In the same interview, Mawby said she still gets "strange messages" online. She said it was frustrating to see most people judge her on her looks instead of her personal beliefs. "Yes I definitely do, whoever meets me in person, they are very understanding of who I am and I have a lot to say," she said. "I also like to help other people, so I would love to talk more on Instagram or create a documentary in the future. I would also like to go into skincare and start acting and video work."