Social Media Prays for Demi Lovato After Her Apparent Overdose: 'She Cannot Die'

Demi Lovato's reported overdose stunned social media on Tuesday and inspired a wave of support for the pop star.

Lovato was rushed to a Los Angeles-area hospital on Tuesday afternoon, according to a report by TMZ. The pop star was found unconscious in her home by paramedics, who confirmed that she was suffering from an overdose. She was treated with Narcan, which can subdue the effects of an overdose in an emergency.

After the story broke, Lovato's fans flocked to social media, sending prayers for her and discussing her health. Lovato has battled with substance abuse, mental health and eating disorders for years, and has inspired others seeking recovery.

The hashtag #PrayForDemi trended on Twitter as several fans and celebrities posted messages of support, including Missy Elliott, Ariana Grande, Brad Paisley, Kesha, Bebe Rexha, Meghan Trainor, Maren Morris, and British electronic group Clean Bandit, whose current single "Solo" features Lovato.

"Prayers up to @ddlovato," a fan wrote on Twitter. "This hurts us so much. It's so hard to deal with inner demons. May peace be with her."
Many fans took a more urgent tone, willing Lovato to pull through this incident and come back stronger.

"Demi Lovato cannot f—ing die," another Twitter user wrote. "My heart will stop beating. This woman has been clean for 6 years and she had a small relapse. This cannot be how her story ends."

The inpact of Lovato's work has had on people shone through. Even those who admitted they didn't care for her music posted tweets about how much her destigmatization of mental health had helped them.

"I'm not keen on her music," one person admitted, "but @ddlovato was a great advocate for breaking the stigma for mental illness, I'm talking bipolar, addiction, personality disorders. not just anxiety."

Fans also sent missives addressed directly to Lovato, with the hope that she would recover enough to read them.

"You helped me through my eating disorder, for that I'll always be grateful," a user wrote. "You can get through this."

Lovato has been performing around the country on and off, with a show scheduled for this upcoming weekend. On social media, fans remarked on how positive her stage demeanor has been lately.

"Hearing about Demi's overdose truly breaks my heart. I've always loved & supported her since I was a little girl," read one such tweet. "I just saw her live 4 months ago & she was so happy & talked to us all night about her sobriety. Shows how quickly things can go dark. Praying for you @ddlovato."

Lovato was declared "stable" shortly after reaching the hospital, according to a report by PEOPLE.