Demi Lovato Shines In New Backstage Selfie

Demi Lovato is a huge advocate for body positivity and the former Disney child star is focused on highlighting one specific part of her body in her latest Instagram snap. The Grammy-nominated songstress took to social media on Thursday to unleash a jaw-dropping pic that shines a light on her ample cleavage.


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The image shows the "Confident" singer standing under a vibrant white light while rocking an ornate bodysuit that accentuates her trim figure. The all-white outfit is covered in intricate beading and pearls with loose fringed detailing. To complete her look, Demi sported bright red lipstick with her brunette locks parted on the side and teased into flowing waves that cascaded down her side.

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Lovato uploaded the snap with three rose emojis as the caption.

When Demi Lovato isn't posting sexy snaps on social media, she has been busy clapping back at one of her fellow pop musicians. Earlier this month, "Now or Never" singer Halsey spoke out about the difficulties of being an openly bisexual artist in the pop music business. While doing so, Halsey slammed artists like Demi Lovato and Katy Perry who have penned smash hit songs about bisexual interactions.

"Pop music can often be really ostracizing. It's just a shame that it's so hard for marginalized or minority people to get the same pop music experience as people who are heterosexual or generally part of the majority," Halsey said during an interview with Paper magazine. "They deserve the same pop music experience."

Halsey was then asked about artists like Lovato and Perry's songs. She responded by saying: "Oh, yeah. Bisexuality as a taboo. 'Don't tell your mom' or 'we shouldn't do this' or 'this feels so wrong but it's so right.'"

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The reference was seemingly about Lovato's "Cool For The Summer," and Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl."

Halsey said that the narrative is "so f***ing damaging to bisexuality and its place in society." She continued by saying: "That's something I've had to fight my whole life and something I still fight. There's biphobia from the straight community and from the LGBT community. There's a lack of acceptance."

Demi Lovato took to Twitter to post what appeared to be her response to Halsey's comments, and she clearly wasn't fazed by the criticism.


The 24-year-old singer tweeted: "You know a song is a hit when people are still talking about the lyrics two years later. #shhhhhdonttellyourmother."

Photo Credit: Getty / Rich Fury