Demi Lovato Focusing on Sobriety Post-Rehab

Three months after her apparent overdose, Demi Lovato is not rushing to return to work, and is instead taking time to focus on her sobriety.

Sources close to Lovato told The Blast that she is "trying to live a healthy life and concentrate on remaining sober following her 90-day stint in rehab."

Lovato is reportedly out of rehab, and according to new photos published by TMZ, has been spending time with friend Henry Levy. The two, who were friends before she entered rehab, were spotted out to eat at a high-end sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills on Saturday. She was also spotted at a spa over the weekend.

The Blast reports that Lovato will be living in Los Angeles following her three-month-long detox. Insiders told TMZ that staying sober and healthy is her first and only focus.

The singer overdosed on July 24 when her assistant found her unresponsive in her California home. Emergency services reportedly revived her with Narcan, an emergency medication administered to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. She was transported to a hospital, where she spent nearly two weeks before beginning a 90-day rehab program in the beginning of August.

Her mother, Dianna De La Garza, gave an interview last week, assuring fans that Lovato is now 90 days sober. She told Maria Menounos on her SiriusXM radio about the ordeal and the events leading up to it.

"I knew that she wasn't sober, but let me clarify: I didn't know what she was doing," De La Garza said. "Because she doesn't live with me. She's 26, you know? So I just knew that she wasn't sober, and that's all I really knew at the time."

She said she wasn't familiar with opioids before Lovato's overdose. "I can honestly say I didn't know what an opioid was at that time," she said. "I mean I'd heard it, we've all heard the word, but I didn't know anything about it until I started researching and looking and studying. It was a rough two days."


In a previous interview with News Max TV, she credited Lovato's fans with helping her through the aftermath of the overdose.

"I prayed, of course, all the way to the hospital, and my faith is strong. I think that was one of things that got me through the next couple of days when she was in critical condition. We just didn't know for two days if she was going to make it or not," she said. "I just feel like the reason she's alive today is because of the millions of prayers that went up that day when everybody found out what was happening."