Dean McDermott Behind on Child Support Despite Luxurious Vacations

Dean McDermott is behind on child support, and his ex-wife is ready to take him to court.

Mary Jo Eustice, who was married to McDermott from 1993 to 2006, filed court documents that allege the actor owes more than $100,000 in support for the couple's 18-year-old son, Jack.

The couple had reportedly arranged that McDermott would make a payment of $750 every two weeks, but he has missed the last three payments. News of his tardiness broke in early September, but Eustice is just now taking action.

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In the meantime, the actor has been on vacation with his wife Tori Spelling and their five children, despite the couple's financial turmoil.

"In the last six weeks he has been on two luxurious vacations, Iceland [and] The Four Seasons in Punta Mita," Eustice wrote in the filing. "He resides in a $2 million estate paid by his mother-in-law Candy Spelling, and he has no impetus to work."

Additionally, McDermott's checks towards Jack's college tuition and therapy have apparently been bouncing.

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"He bounces my son's university rent/tuition and is delinquent in paying therapist bills while he shops visibly and throws lavish parties for his other 5 children," Eustice wrote.

As for evidence of the vacations, the actor has been posting about them all over Instagram.